Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eyecare Unleashed?

Eyecare Unleashed is a program that offers discounts on prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, non-prescription designer sunglasses, and eye exams.

Is Eyecare Unleashed vision insurance?

No. Eyecare Unleashed is a discount program that gives deep discounts to their members on eyewear and services. In many cases, the discounts provided through our program are even better than those of the average vision insurance plan.

How much does it cost?

Through our agreement with the College, your membership fees are waived during the time that you are enrolled (a value of over $100/year). Your benefit will automatically renew every August 1st, and you will be eligible for all discounts again at that time.

I already have vision insurance. Can I combine it with my Eyecare Unleashed discount?

Unfortunately, no. Vision insurance companies set specific copays for their insurance plans, and do not allow any additional discounts to be applied to those copays.

How do I receive my discount? Do I need to submit additional paperwork?

To use your discount, you only need to make your purchases with a participating provider. The provider will need your name, date of birth, your student ID, and a copy of your photo ID to verify your eligibility. The discount will be applied directly to your purchase. There is no additional paperwork.

How often can I use my discount?

Discount eligibility resets every August 1st, and you can use each benefit once per 12-month membership cycle (August through July) for prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses. There is no limit to the number of times you may apply a discount to routine eye exams or non-prescription sunglasses.

I have a difficult time finding glasses that I like. How many frames will I be able to choose from?

Unlike many vision insurance plans, there are NO restrictions on the frame you can select.Our participating providers are required to keep a minimum number of frames in stock and are also required to adhere to a strict inventory replacement policy to ensure a wide selection for our members and to keep their frame offerings up to date.

Can I use my discount for glasses AND contacts in the same year?

Yes. Unlike vision insurance plans, you may apply your discount to the purchase of both eyeglasses and contact lenses each calendar year.

My prescription is really high. Do I get a discount on lighter lenses? What about non-glare lenses?

Yes, you get the same discount on lighter plastics and non-glare lenses that you would on basic plastic lenses. In fact, every lens option you would like is discounted at the same rate, regardless of your prescription. Just like on the frame selection, we don't believe in restrictions.

I'd like to sign up for Eyecare Unleashed. How do I do that?

Contact a participating provider for further information and to set up your complimentary EyeCare Unleashed plan today. Be sure to mention that you are a COD student while setting up your membership.

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