So you're probably asking yourself, "Why should I choose Eyecare Unleashed?" We're very glad you asked!

Simply put, we are NOT big insurance. Insurance companies typically dictate specific frame and lens options that members are allowed to receive. If you don't like the frames the insurance company chooses, you would pay an additional fee. Additionally, insurance companies only provide basic plastic, single vision lenses. Those work for about 10% of the population, but everyone else would be paying an additional fee. What if you wanted transitions? Progressives? Non-glare?? You guessed it, more fees. In essence, insurance companies "penalize" people that want the best products or need the most help.

With Eyecare Unleashed, you have the power of choice. There are NEVER any restrictions to your frame or lens selection. Your discount remains the same.

Insurance is expensive! When you add up all of the insurance premiums, copays, and additional fees discussed above, your employee is lucky to break even when it comes to overall cost. After all, insurance companies aren't exactly in the business of giving money away.

Wouldn't it be nice to have an option that saves money in more ways than one? Well that's where Eyecare Unleashed comes in. Our discounts make pricing competitive with vision insurance plans, and our membership fees are a fraction of the cost!

Have we mentioned that we aren't big insurance?? At Eyecare Unleashed, we care about you. We go beyond the offerings of big insurance to provide more benefits, at a lower cost, and with less administrative headache.

We would like the opportunity to prove to you that we're the best. Contact us for more information or to enroll today!!


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